A Message from Margaret Jefferies, the introducer of Time Banking to New Zealand.

Welcome to the Time Bank Aotearoa New Zealand (TBANZ) Website, it's skeletal and in development as at June 2016. The TBANZ project has been 'in limbo' since 2012. However,  I want to introduce you to Jules (Julie Lee) who was the magnificent Lyttelton Timebank co-ordinator at the time of the earthquakes. When she was in that role she was also deeply involved in helping set up a national body for Timebanking in New Zealand. However the earthquakes demanded a lot of Jules’ attention for the Lyttelton Timebank leaving the driving of the national role to others.  Time has passed and Jules recognized that her passion for Timebanking is stronger than ever. Thank you Edgar Cahn for your inspiring visit to New Zealand to raise our excitement around the development of Timebanking in our country.

 So Jules resigned from her event organizing day job and now does contracting work so that she can donate and allocate one full day a week in a voluntary capacity to focusing on creating a strong national network for Timebanking.  Jules is a great networker and as such has been able to get herself an office for national Timebank activities. I always have admired Jules’ ability to create order and systems. Already she is touching base with New Zealand Timebanks to get up-to-date relevant information.  I am delighted that Jules is keen to do this work for us, gifting her time by reconfiguring her work life so that this can be accomplished.

 Let our NZ Timebanking community welcome Jules into this role of strengthening Timebank capacity and by raising the concept’s profile helping make a significant difference in NZ.

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